The Fiber for a Better Future 

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We're in the business of bettering our planet. We source, market, and sell eco-materials for just about any industry. Our team of experts provide you access to sustainable solutions, and we make it seamless and simple. 


We can change the world, by changing what it's made of. Where do you fit in the supply chain that's changing the world?


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CO2 is Rising

Reaching levels previously unrecorded in modern human history.

Plastic Polluted Ocean

Plastic Sucks

It's unsustainable, toxic, and used in nearly every industry on the planet.

Environment Activists Protest

We Need a Solution

Or else future generations will inherit a planet much worse than ours. 


Come to for an easy and sustainable conversation so that we can help your business go eco-friendly, without hurting the bottom line.



The kenaf fiber is a premier eco fiber, and absorbs the CO2 equivalent of 2 cars for every acre grown.

Your business can be more sustainable with implementing our recommendations.


Cost Effective

The fiber we source is cost competitive to what businesses currently use, and the world is beginning to pay a premium for sustainable materials and products. 



From paper products, to plastics, to textiles, hundreds of conventional materials can be replaced with the eco materials we source. 

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